Knights of Life NJ

EMS/Healthcare Motorcycle Chartered AMA Club

Family Oriented

All family members/friends and guests welcome! .

Group Events

We provide First Aid Assistance to other club rides...


We provide certified MSF Training and First Aid Classes...

Welcome to Knights of Life New Jersey

We are an American Motorcyclist Association chartered club, founded in 1987 by a group of New Jersey Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics. Our goals are to combine the concepts of motorcycle fellowship, promote motorcycle safety, and promote a positive image of motorcycle enthusiasts within the medical profession and general public.

One of the many benefits of joining this organization is that you will never have to ride alone. Many of our members work odd schedules (an occupational hazard of the medical services). Rides are planned at various times, making mid-week sometimes just as busy as weekends.

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If you need help in an emergency please dial 911.

“With gentle hands and tender hearts service to humantity with pride dignity and devotion...”