Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone in healthcare with patient contact (in healthcare) experience can apply for membership.

Yes, your spouse can apply for membership as long as he/she is willing to take and successfully complete a CPR/First Aid/AED course within 3 months of application.

No, a spouse does not have to ride a motorcycle.

Members must become a member of the AMA within 3 months of joining KOL.

Yes you may apply as a family and participate in family events.

Adult members (spouse) will also receive colors under there own or family application. Minor children to not wear colors.

Your adult child may apply for individual memebership.

They do not have to apply for membership but they will be rcognized as a full member and must pay inidvidual dues the year after thier 18th birthday and there after if they choose to continue in the club. They will recieve colors.